Porters Park Golf Club

Scorecard and Local Rules

Mens Scorecard

Ladies Score Card

Local Rules

1. OUT OF BOUNDS (Rule 18.2)

a) Beyond any boundary fence or hedge, or line of white stakes.

b) On the flowerbeds or on or beyond the paved area around the Clubhouse.

c) The practice putting green and adjacent area as marked.

2.   PENALTY AREAS (Rule 17)

a) Penalty Areas are defined by Yellow/Red lines where present, or by Yellow/

Red stakes where lines are not present.

b) The red penalty area to the left of the 5th hole is defined on one side only

and extends to infinity.

3. NO PLAY ZONES (GUR) (Rule 2.4)

a) Any area marked GUR or surrounded by a white line.

b) Drainage Ditch on the right bank of the 6th Green and right-hand side of

the 12th Green.

c) Barn between 4th & 15th holes.

d) Young trees identified by stakes or protected by wire guard or marked with


Free relief must be taken from any interference by the No Play Zone, under

Rule 16.1f.

4. IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS (Rule 16.1) include:

a) All artificially surfaced roads and paths.

b) All buildings, sheds and shelters.

c) Fixed sprinkler heads and irrigation covers.

In addition, when a ball lies in the general area, interference also exists if

such an obstruction is on the player’s line of play and is within two club

lengths of the putting green and is within two club-lengths of the ball. Free

relief may be taken under Rule 16.1b


a) The Icehouse on the 3rd hole.

b) The stile on the left of the 12th hole.


These areas are part of the course, but practice is permitted before or

between rounds:

a) Between the 8th green and the 11th fairway.

b) Beside the 17th fairway.

c) The chipping green and chipping area between the 1st and 7th fairways.

Fairway yardage markers are marked with discs to the centre of the green:

White = 150 yards, Red = 100 yards.


Red flag – Front, Yellow flag – Middle, White flag – Back.


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