Porters Park Golf Club

Rules & Regulations


Obtaining a Handicap

A junior can submit three playing cards in accordance with WHS. This requires the submission of a combination of cards for 54 completed holes (cards may be submitted for either 9 or 18 holes but all cards must be completed within a 6-month period). Cards must be played off the red blocks for girls and yellow blocks for the boys.

Each card must be signed by the junior and by a person acceptable to the Junior Committee who must have an authenticated handicap. The cards will be reviewed and a handicap awarded appropriate to the score achieved. 

Boys and girls can have a handicap of up to 54. All handicaps are held and maintained on the main computer system.

Playing Rights

1 Under 11 years

Juniors must be accompanied at all times by an adult member, an adult signed off by the Junior Organiser or a junior with adult playing rights. Signed Parental consent required.

2 Unsupervised access to the course

11 years and over

36 handicap or below Competency sign off by the JO plus signed parental consent required.
3 Individual access to the course and internal junior competitions, friendlies

Juniors must have a handicap of 45 or less


  • Winter:11.30 pm
  • Summer:12.00 pm


Boys: Anytime except for Tuesday mornings.

Girls: Anytime except Tuesday morning unless playing in the Ladies Tuesday competition. (Need handicap of 20 or less to enter)

4 Entry to Adult general medals/stablefords

If format in 3s or 4s max 2 juniors per tee slot. 

  • Boys- Handicap of 18 or less
  • Girls – Handicap of 20 or less
5 Boarded & Order of Merit Competitions

Same access to the course as adults

  • Boys – Single figure handicap
  • Girls – Handicap of 18 or less
6 Junior Competitions with other Clubs, Leagues etc. Wherever possible scheduled within the winter- summer timings. However, office approval must be sought

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